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Finding Balance during Vacation Mode

Kid Free! You heard me right....kid free!!!! It was a glorious two days but I was still so excited to return home to my babies.   I take my vacations very seriously, especially now that I have kids, since they seem to get a little bit further and fewer in between. My ideal type of vacation involves lots of rest, relaxation, reading and great food! I always treated vacations like a free pass from trying to eat healthy or work out. The only trouble with that is that I always returned ... Continue Reading

Friday Favorite – Roasted Curry Chickpeas

To make a balanced and filling meal at dinner time, I try to include a protein (meat, fish, pork, chicken), a vegetable/salad, and beans/lentils/legumes.   This Friday Favorite is a fast and super simple side dish that is so good! Roasted Curried Chickpeas....you guys they are so crunchy and have so much flavor! Simple and quick they have become a staple side dish at our house. Beans are a great source in protein, low in calorie and a good source of fiber. I hope you enjoy! ​​ Continue Reading

Cooking with Little Kiddos

  As a mom of 2 little ones, I can relate with the on-going saga of trying to find the time to cook amidst the chaos of real life. When my husband isn't traveling it's much easier because he plays with the kids or takes them on a bike ride while I make dinner. But when he's on the road, I have to juggle making dinner while someone is begging to be held, another needs water, someone has to go pee, the dog is barking, the doorbell is ringing, etc.   Below are a few tips ... Continue Reading

Friday Favorite – Avocado Vinaigrette

I hate admitting this out loud because it makes me sound weird but seriously one of my favorite foods is salad. Before you roll your eyes, hear me out.   I'm not talking about your little puny green side salads consisting of lettuce with some shredded carrots. I'm talking about big salads with all the fixings...loaded with veggies, hard boiled eggs, bacon, avocado, etc. Take me to a salad bar and I'm like a kid on Christmas morning.   That being said, the healthiest of ... Continue Reading

No Fuss Lunch in a Rush

Keeping with this week's theme of go-to meals that can be prepared in a rush...here is one of my favorite simple lunch ideas.   Tuna fish (from a can) mixed with dijon mustard, hardboiled egg, avocado, salt and pepper. It's quick, simple and can be made with items usually found in the fridge/pantry. I usually eat mine on top of a bed of lettuce with sunflower seeds sprinkled on top for some crunch, but it can just as easily be made into a sandwich or eaten straight out of the ... Continue Reading

Meals with a side of Mayhem

Those days seem to pop up a little more often around here lately.  Dan's work schedule has gotten crazier the past few weeks (more travel), the kids are in a tough "clingy for mommy" mood and it just seems that my to do list each day just gets longer and longer. In those moments with it's particularly busy, it is very hard to find the time (or energy!) to prepare a healthy meal. Heck, it's hard enough to just find the time to get to the grocery store. This week will all be about my go ... Continue Reading

Friday Favorite – Broiled Grapefruit

Broiled Grapefruit with a drizzle of honey gives you a fruity, slightly sweet fruit that is easy enough for breakfast or elegant enough for brunch. Continue Reading

Salmon is a Slam Dunk

In my opinion, salmon is such a great fish choice for myself and my family. It's very versatile and can be prepared many different ways and it tastes great grilled, broiled, seared or baked (which are all healthy cooking methods). A bonus is the fact that salmon is pink, which my 2 year old daughter thinks is "awesome".     Not only is it easy to prepare and easy to cook, it has a lot of nutrition benefts... High in Protein On average, a 4oz serving of ... Continue Reading

1 Dish Wonder!

I absolutely HATE doing the dishes! I'm sure no one really "loves" washing pots and pans, but I really despise it. I'll almost do anything else to get out of washing dishes...take out the garbage, change the baby's diaper, switch the laundry, even voluntarily watch The History Channel (my nemesis). I especially hate washing pots and pans that have dried food stuck on them.   That's why this recipe is perfect! I found this recipe on Pinterest (seriously, how did we find new ... Continue Reading

Elevating Eggs to Fancy Status

My husband travels a lot for work, so once I get the kids to bed at night (not an easy task at all!!), I definitely do not feel like cooking a big dinner for myself. I often grab some eggs to make an easy and quick dinner that is filling and nutritious. Let's face it, some nights I'm satisfied with scrambling up a few eggs and eating them right out of the pan (no shame...usually standing right over the stove with a glass of wine in hand!). But other nights I want to actually feel like ... Continue Reading

    5 Ways to Beat Egg Boredom

    I am the type of person that looks forward to meals and cannot eat the same thing over and over again without getting insanely bored. My husband on the other hand can eat plain old scrambled eggs for breakfast everyday for the rest of his life and never get bored, but let's face it, he is strange. I'm sharing a few of my favorite egg based recipes/ideas to jazz up your morning routine to beat egg boredom. They are easy and quick...requirements for busy mornings when you have to locate ... Continue Reading
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    Boosting Your Breakfast with Eggs

      I could write pages and pages about the egg-cellent benefits of eggs (get it?!?) but instead I thought I'd break (or should I say crack....like an egg??) it up and start with a summary of the benfits, share some egg recipes that I love, and some tips to including more eggs in your meals. I'm sure we've all heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. While I think all meals are important, it is true that eating a good breakfast is especially important. It sets ... Continue Reading