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Coffee Ice Cubes

It’s Monday, which typically means lots of coffee is needed to get back to the grind. Pun intended.

I usually drink plain black coffee in the morning and another cup in the afternoon. However, there are days when I want to make my coffee break more of a special treat. Since it’s summer, I’ve been turning to iced coffees in the afternoon as a mid-day snack. The only issue I have with iced coffee is that if you drink it too slowly, the ice melts and really waters down your coffee. Weak coffee is not the business.

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That’s where these fun coffee ice cubes come in. I got an extra large ice cube tray on Amazon during Prime Day last week and have had so much fun using it.

We typically we drink unflavored coffee at home since I find flavored coffee is too overpowering to drink a whole cup. However, I thought it would be perfect to use a flavored coffee for the coffee ice cubes so that as the cubes slowly melt, it infuses your coffee with a bit of flavor. I found the best smelling coconut chocolate coffee at the grocery store and decided to try that. I brewed a pot and poured it into the extra large ice cube trays. I also added a splash of almond milk into some of the ice cubes, since sometimes I like a bit of almond/soy milk in my iced coffees. I put the tray in the freezer and about 2 hours later, they were ready to enjoy!

I think the possibilities for these coffee ice cubes are endless! You could use different coffee flavors, add milk, or even use espresso! The best part is that your coffee doesn’t get watered down, so you can really enjoy it at your leisure.

Are you a coffee person? What’s your go-to coffee drink?

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    Laura July 18, 2016 (2:18 pm)

    Love this idea! I just told my husband today that I could *really* go for an iced coffee…but the cubes always water it down!