Elevating Eggs to Fancy Status

Eggs are great for breakfast, as mentioned here and here, but let’s not leave out dinner!

My husband travels a lot for work, so once I get the kids to bed at night (not an easy task at all!!), I definitely do not feel like cooking a big dinner for myself. I often grab some eggs to make an easy and quick dinner that is filling and nutritious.

Let’s face it, some nights I’m satisfied with scrambling up a few eggs and eating them right out of the pan (no shame…usually standing right over the stove with a glass of wine in hand!). But other nights I want to actually feel like I’m having a “nice” dinner. On those nights, I tend to lean towards one of these two recipes.

Poached Egg with Portobello Mushroom: Poach 1 egg. Sauté mushroom with a  little balsamic vinegar. Layer arugula, avocado, ham and tomato on top of mushroom. Add poached egg on top. Garnish with Chives and Hot Sauce.


Poached Egg with Avocado and Tomatoes: Poach 1 egg. Place egg on top of sliced avocado and cherry tomatoes (halved). Garnish with salt, pepper and hot sauce.


Both are easy to make, but involve poaching an egg. The first time I tried to poach an egg, I was so intimidated, it seemed so hard! But good old google had tons of instructional sites that talked me thru it. After the second attempt I had it down!  It’s pretty easy, so if you are like me, I highly recommend trying it.


This is a tutorial from YouTube on how to poach an egg that I used as a guide.





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