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Healthy Summer Treat

These ice pops are so refreshing and make the perfect healthy summer treat.

We had a taste of summer this past weekend in Northern California…temperatures in the high 80’s, afternoons spent by the pool and BBQ’ing with friends and family in the backyard.

In addition to flip flops, sunscreen and watermelon, summer always makes me think of frozen treats like ice cream and popsicles. I remember being a kid and getting all sticky while eating my orange push-pop out in the front yard after dinner.

In preparation for the warmer weather, I developed these refreshing and healthy ice pops to keep on hand in the freezer during the summer. They are perfect for cooling down when it’s hot outside without having to reach for a sugar filled popsicle. We had a few this weekend and even my kids loved them!

They are so simple to make and the combinations are fun to create!

popsicle maker


I purchased these popsicle molds on Amazon and they work fantastic! They are pretty durable and the popsicle is so easy to pull out of the sleeve once frozen.




So far we’ve made the following combinations and each one has turned out fantastic:

Cran-Raspberry Bubbly Ice Pops

  • Fill each popsicle sleeve 3/4 of the way full with Cran-Raspberry flavored La Croix water
  • Add a few raspberries to each and place in freezer
  • Be careful to not overfill these popsicle sleeves as the carbonation in the water causes the popsicle level to rise during the freezing process and you don’t want it to overflow


Pink Lemonade Ice Pops

  • I found these cute pink lemons at Trader Joe’s and couldn’t wait to try them in an ice pop

pink lemons

  • Squeeze 1/2 pink lemon into each popsicle mold, fill will water and add pink lemon slice to each
  • Stick in the freezer until frozen, about 2 hours



Cucumber Mint Spa Pops

  • Cucumber and mint is so refreshing, especially on a hot day, it makes a great ice pop flavor
  • Add a slice of cucumber and a little bit of chopped up mint to each popsicle sleeve
  • Fill with water and place in freezer until set (about 2 hours)


They are so simple and can’t wait to try more flavor combinations!

Feel free to check out more healthy summer treat ideas on my Summer Snack pinterest board.