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Dietitian Approved Pantry Items

A collection of dietitian approved pantry items that make mealtime smoother and can be used in an pinch to add healthy ingredients to your meals.  Continue Reading

Budget Friendly Meal – $3.78 per serving

Creating budget friendly meals has become a part of everyday life in our household. Since becoming a one-income family, trying to stay within our family of four's grocery budget has become my weekly challenge. Eating healthy and saving money are top New Year's goals for many people. I wanted to create a dinner meal that is budget friendly, tasty and easy to make. Nothing too fancy, difficult to prepare or time consuming. An easy weeknight dinner that feeds the family without breaking the ... Continue Reading

My Favorite Fall Frugal Activities

Since becoming a one-income family, we learned quickly that as the holidays approach, setting a budget for entertainment is really important. The fall season usually brings on a lot of holiday meals, celebrations and gift giving. All which can add up to extra expenses if you aren't careful. Celebrating the changing season and holidays doesn't mean that you have to break the bank. Below are some of my favorite fall frugal activities... Family Game Night As the weather changes in the ... Continue Reading

Ways to Save Fresh Herbs

However, I hate that they often get wasted. Recipes tend to call for 1/4 cup so unless you meal plan like a boss, the rest of the bunch gets wasted. I've tried to plant an herb garden, but I definitely don't have a green thumb. Instead, I found 2 great ways to save fresh herbs for later use. Hooray to not throwing money in the garbage can! 1. Compound Butter Is there anything better than a mixture of fresh herbs, creamy butter and garlic? Hint, the answer to the above ... Continue Reading

Meatless Mondays Review

We have been participating in the Meatless Monday Movement in our house for over a month now. I'd like to share my personal review of how it's been going. As I described in our first Meatless Monday post, we decided to try going meat free once a week for the following reasons: Increasing fruits and vegetables in our diet Decreasing red meat in our diet Cutting costs at the grocery store Expanding our family's horizons when it comes to different types of cuisines As of ... Continue Reading

Our Weekly Meal Plan

It's been a few weeks since I shared our weekly meal plan and I'll admit, it's mostly due to the fact that I just haven't been home that much and I just haven't been into planning meals lately. We've been camping a few times (a camping menu plan coming soon!) in the past few weeks or at the lake for 4th of July, therefore I've slacked off on really meal planning for an entire "week". Full disclosure, we had McDonalds for dinner last night (and it was delicious!). Sometimes you just hit a ... Continue Reading

My Love of Leftovers

The idea of leftovers used to make me somewhat queasy, the idea of picked-at food, half eaten, and then stored in a cardboard container to be reheated the next day never sounded appealing. Now that I'm an adult and responsible for our family's grocery budget, I have a new found appreciation of leftovers. I should explain though that just like my taste in music has evolved as I've grown up (although I still love me some N'Sync), my use of the word "leftovers" has also evolved. I still ... Continue Reading