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Healthy Persimmon Recipes

Sharing my two favorite healthy persimmon recipes - Broiled Persimmons with Greek Yogurt and Persimmon & Walnut Salad. Simple, beautiful and delicious. Continue Reading

Swedish Blueberry Soup – Breakfast Recipe

This Swedish Blueberry Soup recipe is a delicious and healthy breakfast idea and can be served warm on chilly mornings or also enjoyed cold. Continue Reading

A Simple Dessert

I remember my mom hosting a lot of dinners at our house while I was growing up. She is the quintessential host...beautiful centerpieces, fun themes, and great food. My favorite part of the dinner parties was the dessert course once the meal was finished. My mom would bring out a freshly baked cake or other homemade dessert and my mouth would start to water. The cake was almost always brought to the table on a cake stand and served on dessert plates. Now that I'm an adult, I also love ... Continue Reading

Greek Yogurt Ranch Dip

Sometimes we have the best intentions of eating a "healthy" meal but then we ruin all that effort by drowning our food in high calorie/fat/sugar dressings or dips. I made this Greek Yogurt Ranch Dip to accompany some chicken wings I made and it was great! Don't get me wrong, it isn't Ranch but it tastes pretty darn similar and uses Greek Yogurt and Spices instead of things like mayo, sour cream and preservatives like some ranch dressings contain. Let me know if you try it, my recommenda... Continue Reading