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21 Day Sugar Detox – A man’s perspective

I'm finishing up my last day on my 21 day sugar detox, but I thought I'd offer a new and fresh opinion of the program today. Dan graciously agreed to do the detox program with me (which is good since I buy the groceries and do most of the cooking), so I thought it would be fun to interview him and see what he thought about the program. So, I sat down with the gorgeous guy (hands off ladies, he's married) and candidly asked him to provide honest answers to the questions below. I wasn't going ... Continue Reading

Week #1 of my 21 Day Sugar Detox – A Review

Many people were asking how it was going, so I figured I'd share my thoughts at the end of each week of the program so far. No holds bard, my honest opinion after week #1: I miss wine, especially at night after the kids go to bed Drinking water while watching a movie just isn't as fun I feel like I am always cooking, it's a lot of prep/planning for each meal Everything you eat on this program is made fresh, using fresh ingredients, so it's understandable that you are ... Continue Reading

Pushing the Reset Button

Don't get me wrong, I eat pretty damn healthy 80% of the time but I have a super sweet tooth. Candy, cookies, cake, pie, ice cream....you name it, I love it. I don't think sweets are bad, everything in moderation as I like to say. However, I have definitely been feeling the side effects of too much sugar lately...sluggish, temperamental, waking up feeling tired instead of rested, stomach discomfort, etc. Combined with the fact that I had Gestational Diabetes (which puts me at a higher risk ... Continue Reading

Healthy Beverage Choices

So now that we've spent all week talking about how bad some beverages are for you....let me give you the good news. I don't believe in completely banning certain food/drinks from your lifestyle. My food philosophy (read more here) has always been that life is hard enough without getting to enjoy a certain food/drink again. I don't think that is realistic and I don't think it's fair. I honestly believe that everything (even those not-so-great beverages discussed in previous posts) are ... Continue Reading

How does your drink stack up?

Sugar consumption is one of the leading causes of the increasing obesity epidemic in United States. Taking a look at the sugar content in some of the most popular beverages, it's not hard to see why. Seeing the amount of "grams" of sugar in a certain beverage doesn't really resonate with a lot of people (myself included....I'm more of a visual person). So I created the following pictures to illustrate sugar content. Each sugar cube represents 4 grams of sugar. Diet Soda isn't ... Continue Reading

Ditch the Soda

Soda is the second most consumed beverage in the United States (second to water),with data showing Americans drink about 57 gallons of soda per person each year (according to the Medical Daily Pulse). I think it's safe to assume we all know soda has a lot of sugar and calories, making it a poor choice for people interested in losing weight or trying to eat healthier. However, the negative effects of soda go much further than just calories. Increased Risk for Heart Disease ... Continue Reading