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The Best Veggie Sandwich & A Cookbook Review

Disclaimer: I received a copy of the cookbook mentioned in this post, however, all thoughts and views expressed are completely my own.

The Fertility Foods Cookbook

Let me just start this post by stating that I’m not pregnant nor am I trying to get pregnant. In fact, if I was pregnant I think the hubs would be a bit upset since he got the snip-snip last year.

However, I do have close friends that have suffered through trouble with fertility. So when my blogging friends Liz Shaw and Sara Haas asked if I’d be interested in reviewing their new cookbook, I was overjoyed to be able to share.

The Fertility Foods Cookbook was written by Liz Shaw and Sara Haas, both dietitians that have struggled personally with fertility. They are amazing women that are open about their experiences and have created a wonderful community of people going through similar ups and downs on their road to pregnancy.

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Their book is a compilation of nutrition information based on research and personal experiences combined with delicious recipes designed to provide your body with all the nutrients it needs to assist in the pregnancy process.

This book is so informative but easy to read and understand. Each recipe is accompanied by a small box indicating how the ingredients used in that recipe play a role in fertility. Such a smart way to show how important nutrition is for our body to function.

I was initially going to make one recipe to share and review but I honestly couldn’t just pick one! The recipes in this book aren’t fancy (which I LOVE!) but just focus on using fresh ingredients to create great tasting meals. They are recipes that anyone can follow and often include ingredients you have on hand.

veggie sandwich

The Best Veggie Sandwich Ever!

The first recipe I made from the Fertility Foods Cookbook was the Fast Veggie & Hummus Sandwich. You guys…this is probably the BEST veggie sandwich I’ve ever made. Which is saying a lot because I’ve made a lot of sandwiches in my life.

The sandwich itself is simple…lettuce, cucumber, and tomato on toasted bread. But these two lovely ladies took it to another level by adding garlic hummus as a sandwich spread in place of mayo/mustard and dressed the arugula in a dijon vinaigrette before placing it on the sandwich. Genius! This sandwich is so flavorful that I have made it 3 days in a row!

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Italian Meatballs with Mushrooms

In addition to the veggie sandwich, I served the Italian Meatballs with Turkey & Mushrooms for dinner last week. The entire family loved them and ate all 18 meatballs in one sitting. I had planned on having some leftover for the next day but I was all too happy to see my kids devour them.

These meatballs are made with ground turkey and mushrooms, which make them so flavorful and keep them from getting too dry while cooking. They are simple to make and a family favorite!

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I seriously cannot wait to make more recipes from this book, I already have 8 bookmarked.

If you are suffering from fertility issues or thinking about trying to get pregnant, I highly recommend the Fertility Foods Cookbook. I also recommend it if you are just looking for healthy, delicious recipes you can make any day of the week. They also have a great community, check out their social media accounts for more info –

Sara: Instagram – Facebook – Twitter 


Congrats to Liz and Sara!



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    Liz November 6, 2017 (8:09 am)

    Ah Brynn! This is so exciting to see how well received the recipes were with your entire family! We are so grateful for your support and review, thank you so much!