The Best Bloody Mary

I just like the vibe of brunch. I love that it's perfectly acceptable to casually arrive at 10:30am (I'm so not a morning person), sweet and savory dishes are both equally in attendance on the menu, and most of all that cocktails are encourag... Continue Reading

Grilled Watermelon Feta Bites

Grilled Watermelon with peppery arugula, salty feta cheese and sweet balsamic glaze makes a perfect summer dish.   I have never thought about making grilled watermelon before, but once I saw it on Kroll's Korner, I knew I had to ... Continue Reading

Banana & Almond Butter Ice Cream

I love ice cream. However, I never keep it stocked in the freezer because I would literally eat an entire pint in one sitting. The kids and I usually go out for a scoop once a week, but now I keep this Banana & Almond Butter Ice Cream on ... Continue Reading

Sunday Snack Prep

Since I work from home, the kids and I tend to eat lunch at home during the week. This means I don't really prep too many meals on Sunday because I don't have to pack a lunch to take to work or school. However, I have found that having a few ... Continue Reading

Giving Kale the Old College Try

I'm a big believer in trying foods more than once, you know the old adage "everyone deserves a second chance". Well I feel like I've given Kale a second, third, fourth, and fifth chance and I feel like we should just part as friends and call it a ... Continue Reading

Banana Walnut Sundae (Gluten Free)

Full Disclosure: I received free samples of California walnuts mentioned in this post. By posting this recipe I am entering a recipe contest sponsored by the California Walnut Commission and am eligible to win prizes associated with the contest. I ... Continue Reading

Recipe Inspiration Site – Yummly

I'm all about finding new websites that provide recipe inspiration to add to my weekly menus. I love finding new online websites that specialize in recipes and Yummly is my newest find. Yummly is kind of similar to Pinterest in the fact that you ... Continue Reading

Meal Planning Guide

When both my husband and I were brining home a paycheck, I would go the grocery store and just wander around, putting random items into my shopping cart. Sure, it was nice to be able to buy whatever sounded good at the time (hello wine aisle!!) ... Continue Reading

Healthy Summer Treat

We had a taste of summer this past weekend in Northern California...temperatures in the high 80's, afternoons spent by the pool and BBQ'ing with friends and family in the backyard. In addition to flip flops, sunscreen and watermelon, summer ... Continue Reading

Our Weekly Meal Plan – Series

I got a lot of great feedback last week after sharing my family's weekly meal plan! Thank you so much for your kind words and comments. I posted our meal plan again for this week, along with recipe links and any misc notes for meal prep on ... Continue Reading