Toasting to a Healthier You…Tips for Choosing Healthier Cocktails this New Year’s Eve

  New Year's is a time for celebration...a new year, a clean slate, etc. Cocktails are a big part of New Year's celebrations for many, but not all cocktails are created equal. We've talked a lot about healthy tips for the holidays in ... Continue Reading

Greek Pesto Chicken Flatbread

This lunch is so simple but soooo good!!! I made it last week (and posted on Instagram) and I honestly only had about 10 minutes to make lunch but was craving something more than lunch meat and cheese (a regular staple around here lately). A ... Continue Reading

Broiled Teriyaki Salmon

I don't know how I've gotten this far in life without ever broiling's so quick! You don't have to wait for the oven to preheat (for some reason my oven takes forever to heat up!!!), it's fast cooking, and makes the fish taste great. ... Continue Reading

Festive Salad

Tonight I served this Festive Salad and it was a big hit (with me and the hubs, not with the kids since they aren't really on the salad bandwagon, mainly due to the lettuce part). It is so flavorful that you really only need a very light ... Continue Reading

Friday Favorite – Packaged Soup

  I try to stay away from canned and packaged soups because they usually have so much sodium! Plus I enjoy making soup, especially ones that you can throw in a crockpot. However, there are just some days when I can't seem to get my ... Continue Reading

Pumpkin Spice and All Things Nice

  That being said, I'm not sure if you are aware that most coffee shop chain's Pumpkin Spice Lattes don't actually contain any pumpkin. They actually just have a bunch of weirdly named ingredients and preservatives and "flavorings" that ... Continue Reading

Friday Favorite – Cedar Planked Salmon

  Then one fateful day I walked into Trader Joe's and lo-and-behold....frozen cedar planked wild king salmon! I know I sound like a broken record but Trader Joe's just always comes thru for me.   At only $8 for a good ... Continue Reading

Stepping Up your Veggie Platter Game

Raw veggie platters are a great way to increase your daily consumption of vegetables and can provide a quick side-dish for lunch, an appetizer, or last minute snack. There are so many vegetable options available when making a platter, which makes it ... Continue Reading

The Best Chicken Burger

  However, I can't eat a big burger like that all the time, unless I want to be overweight with insanely high cholesterol. So, I save those bad-ass burgers for a special treat, which actually makes me enjoy them even more.   ... Continue Reading

Friday Favorite – Almond Butter

I randomly found these Barney Butter Vanilla & Espresso Flavored Almond Butter snack packs at Home Goods of all places! But they can be found on their website here. I am usually not a huge fan of almond butter (I am team peanut ... Continue Reading
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