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March Seasonal Produce Guide

A March Seasonal Produce Guide, organizing the fruits and vegetable choices by color to ensure you “Eat the Rainbow”. 

Eating fruits and vegetables from a variety of different color groups is one of the ways to ensure you are getting all the vitamins and minerals your body needs.

Last month, I shared this Seasonal Produce Guide for February and decided to keep it up and create one every month. Here is the March Seasonal Produce Guide:

march seasonal produce guide

The idea is to use the March Seasonal Produce Guide to choose fruits and vegetables that are not only in season, but from a variety of color groups. This will help you with your grocery budget (in season produce is usually cheaper), flavor and taste, and all the health benefits of each colored produce group.

I’ve also shared some of my favorite recipes utilizing this month’s seasonal produce choices.



Recipe Ideas for March’s Seasonal Produce Guide