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Tomato White Bean Soup Recipe – Meatless Monday

This Tomato White Bean Soup recipe with Kale Pesto makes the perfect hearty, filling and delicious dinner. 

One of my favorite dinners lately has been a nice, warm bowl of hearty soup with a green salad on the side. It’s so simple but also filling and nourishing. There is just something about soup in the fall that makes me feel cozy.

My family and I love creamy tomato soup. The only downside is that it often doesn’t really leave you full and I find myself hungry again an hour after dinner. Plus a lot of really good tomato soup is “bisque” and made with heavy cream. I’ve been searching for a good tomato-based soup recipe for awhile. I’ve tried many that are pretty good but lack a hearty flavor.

This Tomato White Bean Soup with Kale Pesto from Jessica at Nutritioulicious is the PERFECT solution!

tomato white bean soup1

All the great taste of creamy tomato soup, but the addition of white beans gives it a hearty consistency. Don’t even get me started on the Kale Pesto that tops this soup. It’s amazing! After making the kale pesto for this Tomato White Bean Soup recipe, I made another batch to use on scrambled eggs, toast, and added to pasta. It’s so delicious!

This soup make makes the perfect Meatless Monday meal. I served mine with a nice green salad and was so full after that I had to save some soup for the next day. It reheats really nicely, so it’s great for leftovers or meal prepping. Plus my kids LOVED this soup. That is always a winning recipe in my book.

tomato white bean soup2